Marine Qualification Certificates

Marine Qualification Certificate Solutions

Marine Qualification Certificates provide evidence to relevant authorities that individuals are qualified for their roles when working aboard a marine vessel on domestic or international waters. Tardis Technology has been providing solutions for the production and management of these essential seafarer documents to countries in the Asia Pacific region since 1996.

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We provide a “passport-style” high security level solution for printing secure Marine Booklets containing the Holder’s Identity Details, their Marine Qualifications, and associated endorsements.

The marine qualification booklets provide a page containing the seafarer’s personal particulars, and a page providing details of their qualifications.  

Particular endorsements can be added to internal pages.

Functionality includes:

  • Capture Holder Personal Information
  • Issue, Print, Revalidate Certificate
  • Endorse, Change Status
  • Fees, Medicals, Courses
  • Functions, Limits, Conditions
  • Enquiries
  • Reports
Marine Certificate Software Soultions

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