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Passports Software Solutions | Secure Documents & Booklets

    Since 1994, we have been delivering passport and marine certificate solutions which are fully compliant with international standards (ICAO, STCW). We do this via customisation of our ‘Commercial off the shelf’ (COTS) product for issuing ‘Machine Readable Travel Documents’ (MRTDs).

    Tardis technology has a proven record of operating as prime contractor for the provision of a fully bundled service, having already done this for several countries in the pacific region.

    Tardis Technology Passport Software Solutions:

    Production, Issuance, Management and Processing of Secure Documents

    Tardis Technology provides proven and reliable solutions which are fully compliant with international standards (ICAO, STCW). The use of an existing COTS package considerably lessens your risk and assures the solution can be delivered on time and on budget. Additional functionality at no extra charge is included with all standard Tardis solutions as these are a vital parts of typical passport issuing systems – segregation of duties to prevent Fraud Scams, Spoiling Passports and Quality Assurance Checking of Passports.

    Tardis Technology prides itself on providing modern solutions which are:

    • Customisable – the ability to modify the system to suit specific needs is Tardis’ primary tenet.
    • Supported – we continue to support our customers through repairs, updates and troubleshooting.
    • Universal – systems for host country’s operations as well as for embassies anywhere in the world.
    • Flexible – integration of data import and export between various systems is supported (eg. Immigration; Border Control; Citizenship systems).

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