Our Customers

Tardis solutions are used by a variety of Pacific Island nations such as

Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Vanuatu, Fiji, Tuvalu, Tonga, Afghanistan & Kiribati.

The Tardis Passports System is used in every Australian and every New Zealand Embassy evidencing that a variety of Locally Engaged Staff all around the world can use the system without difficulty.

Tardis Technology is the ONLY provider of passport issuing systems based in the Asia Pacific region

Tardis provides Pacific Island nations with direct support in their same timezone

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Our Current Clients

We have provided passport system installations to the passport issuing authorities in:

  • Papua New Guinea (since 1994)
  • Fiji (since 2001)
  • Samoa (since 2003)
  • Tuvalu (since 2007)
  • Vanuatu (since 2010)
  • Kiribati
  • Tonga
  • New Zealand
  • Australia